Paintings by Bats, Skinks, & Snakes - Oh My!

Paintings by Bats, Skinks, & Snakes - Oh My!


Painting Bats, Skinks, & Snake!?! Is that possible?



The Bats, Skinks, &  Corn Snake at Lubee Bat Conservancy create their art on 8"x10" canvas.

These paintings are all one of a kind and a BAT-tastic addition to your home, especially if you are a collector of paintings created by animals!!

The making of these paintings is very enriching for the bats, skinks, & Spagetti and encourages them to engage in physical and mental activities through the creation of unique artwork. Each painting is a one of a kind!


Pictures of the artists are not included. If you would like a picture please select the Custom Bat Paintings.

All proceeds benefit Lubee Bat Conservancy.