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Volunteering at Lubee Bat Conservancy is a great way to share your time, talents, and learn more about bats, in a truly enjoyable, enriching, and rewarding experience.

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Lubee Volunteers are Fabulous

Interested in volunteering? Contact us at  

The subject title should read - New Volunteer: (Your Name)

There are several paths to volunteering at Lubee:

1. Husbandry Volunteering:

These volunteers will help with animal husbandry including cleaning exhibits, preparing diets, enrichment activities, record keeping, and assisting with environmental enhancements.

  • Volunteers are asked to work a minimum of 16 hours per month.

  • Required Vaccinations/Paperwork.

  • Tetanus vaccine within 10 years.

  • TB skin test with 2 years.

  • Either a COVID vaccine &/or a negative COVID test within 2 weeks of start date.

  • Being a student is not a requirement, however this is a great way to gain experience for students interested in becoming a veterinarian, zookeeper, biologist, educator, or conservationist.

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Volunteer during Events!


Volunteer with diet prep!   

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2. Group Volunteers:

  • Organizations and clubs can volunteer at Lubee to help with large projects and landscaping.

  • This is a great way to engage the community and complete service hours.


3. Florida Bat Festival Volunteers (AKA FL Bat Fest):

  • FL Bat Fest is Lubee’s largest event of the year. Volunteers are always needed to help the event run smoothly. 

  • The FL Bat Fest is held every year for one (1) Saturday in October.  Volunteers are needed from 7am -6pm. All day and part-time shifts are available. 

  • Email to find out this year's date & to sign up!


Bats are listed as a rabies vector species in the United States. Regular long term Volunteers that are rabies vaccinated may be assigned tasks similar to our animal care staff. A rabies vaccine is not required to volunteer at Lubee Bat Conservancy.

The Alachua County Health Department has a rabies vaccination program available for volunteers interested in getting vaccinated. The initial pre-exposure series involves three subcutaneous vaccinations, and each injection costs approximately $270. Health providers may cover the cost of the rabies vaccine, but volunteers will need to check their insurance plans. Lubee Bat Conservancy does not reimburse volunteers for the rabies vaccination series.

Those interested in volunteering can contact us at  

The subject title should read - New Volunteer: (Your Name)

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