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Our Beloved Kuri & The Difference Donors Make

Kuri showed up at Lubee 22 years ago in a kennel with a note stating “Hi, my name is Kuri, please take care of me”.  We have no idea where she came from but found out quickly that she was one-of-a-kind, and everyone loved her friendly, curious, and gregarious personality.  To say that she was adored the world over is an understatement.


On Saturday, May 13, our beloved Kuri, was admitted to the University of Florida vet school for emergency surgery.  For a few weeks she had been having digestive issues, but on that day, the Lubee staff found her in severe pain.  Surgery showed that she had a tear in her stomach and further digestive concerns.  Although the surgery was successful, she was found septic on Monday, May 15.  Knowing her age and the low probability of improvement, we said goodbye to Kuri and had her humanely euthanized.

Kuri Spectacled flying fox.jpg
Photo by Joel Sartore
Kuir peeka boo.JPG

Donors allowed Kuri to live an exceptionally long life.  In 2017, she was found to have liver cancer and had a 1/3 removed to save her life.  Donors covered that expense.  For the past 5 years, Kuri would go to UF for acupuncture and laser therapy to help with lower back spondylosis.  Your donations paid for these treatments.  It’s not just Kuri that has benefited from your kindness.  You have graciously provided funding for medical care in the past.  The collection at Lubee is geriatric and with age comes increased medical concerns.


We spare no expense to provide whatever is necessary to keep our animals happy and healthy.  Unfortunately, our vet costs this year have already equaled all of last.

kuri bowls.jpg

This summer, we are simply asking our donors to give whatever they can to assist with medical costs.  Perhaps you know a bat that benefited from your past donations, or simply want to make a donation in Kuri’s honor.  Any amount makes a difference and allows our bats to live their best lives.


If you knew Kuri, had pictures of her, or a funny story, please share with us on our social media platforms or email  A memorial will be created and on display this October in time for Bat Fest.  Kuri touched so many people and we want to honor how she made a permanent impact on the perception of bats.

Photo by Joel Sartore
kuri hat.jpg

We anticipate our medical bills totaling over $60,000 this year.  Whatever contribution you would like to make is greatly appreciated.

$25 - Provides medications for pain or infection.

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$50 - Bats aren’t blind, but sometimes an eye exam will identify the issue.

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$100 - Help with a rehab session for a bat in need.

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NOTE: A PayPal account is NOT needed to donate. Credit Cards are processed through PayPal.

Donate to Lubee Bats

$250 - Cover an ultrasound for a medical concern or pregnancy check.

$500 - Broken hearts don’t beat well.  Your support will cover an echocardiogram.

$1000 - These funds will go to any emergency surgery required to save the life of a bat.

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Any amount makes a difference.

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Lubee Provides For Bats In Need

We are excited to announce that we have provided forever homes to 13 CLOUD BEARS aka RODRIGUES FRUIT BATS!  Although Lubee is AZA certified, we are not a sanctuary, rescue, or rehab facility.  However, we will take in animals that need permanent placement.  Just like Kuri needed a forever home in 2001, we are doing the same for these new bats.  Stay tuned for more info on Kaye, Endor, Foxglove, Imogen, Prissy Pants, Noreen, Snert, Jigglypuff, Doja Bat, Roxy, Ms. Frizzle, Queen Maeve, and Oracle, who now live alongside resident RFBs Bean, and our beloved Grace who turns 24 this month.

IMG_4264 (1).jpg

Your kindness has supported our bats and allowed for these conservation and education programs.  You are our heroes. Thank You from the Bats & Staff!

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