We are a non-profit organization dedicated to saving bats and their habitats through research, conservation, and education, with a focus on children and community engagement.

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1309 NW 192nd Ave Gainesville, FL 32609   352-485-1250  info@lubee.org


Board of Trustees

Roger Haagenson

Sherry Haagenson

Bryan Haagenson

Facundo Bacardi



Brian Pope, Director

Brian is from Pittsburgh, PA, and has a BSc in Biology from Penn State University. Brian is a dedicated and passionate professional who specializes in non-profit leadership, zoological management, conservation and education. After being an animal care specialist at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Disney's Animal Kingdom for 11 years, Brian joined Lubee in 2007 as Curator and became Director in April 2011. During this time the organization has significantly expanded local and global conservation/education programs, fundraising, marketing, facility improvements, native bat programs and selective breeding. Brian led Lubee to its 4th consecutive AZA Certification and has proudly ensured that the organization is consistently compliant with USDA standards. Brian has extensive animal care experience with numerous published articles on animal husbandry, enrichment, and medical management. He is extremely passionate about his role in the zoological/conservation field, and is working to further Lubee’s status as a global leader in bat conservation and education.

Tracy Pope, Programs & Event Coordinator

You guano know something about Tracy? She LOVES Bats!  Go Figure!

She's a skilled Microbat Whisperer and hopes to someday win the Tim Myrick Award of Excellence!

Alex Kepley, Head Keeper & Intern/Volunteer Coordinator

Amanda Ramage, Keeper II/Education Coordinator

This isn't Amanda, but an adorable Lesser False Vampire Bat. 

Demetria McBride, Keeper II/Development Coordinator

Hey there! I'm living the dream hanging with my main man Pich while teaching people why he's so cool and just how essential bats are to various ecosystems as well as global commerce. We owe so much to bats, and I'm so happy that you came to Lubee's site to learn more about them. Now go forth and tell a friend about us so we can make more bat fans! Together we will save the sky puppies!


Becky Jasperse, Keeper II/Records Coordinator

Alex Serrano, Keeper III

Greg Sommese, Maintenance Leader

Tim Myrick, Maintenance Technician


Bat House builder extraordinaire.

Winner of the 2017 & 2018 Tim Myrick Award of Excellence.