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Roger Haagenson

Bryan Haagenson

Facundo Bacardi

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Brian is from Pittsburgh, PA, and has a BSc in Biology from Penn State University. Brian is a dedicated and passionate professional who specializes in non-profit leadership, zoological management, conservation and education. After being an animal care specialist at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Disney's Animal Kingdom for 11 years, Brian joined Lubee in 2007 as Curator and became Director in April 2011. During this time the organization has significantly expanded local and global conservation/education programs, fundraising, marketing, capital improvements, and native bat programs. Brian led Lubee to its 5th consecutive AZA Certification in 2020 and has proudly ensured that the organization is consistently compliant with USDA standards. Brian has extensive animal care experience with numerous published articles on animal husbandry, enrichment, and medical management. He is extremely passionate about his role in the zoological/conservation field, and is working to further Lubee’s status as a global leader in bat conservation and education.



Programs & Events Coordinator

You guano know something about Tracy? She LOVES bats and a great pun!  She is from Pittsburgh, PA and has an AS in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo. Prior to joining the Lubee team in 2015, Tracy acquired 11 years of animal care experience in the veterinary field and 5 years at Disney's Animal Kingdom as an Animal Food Specialist. Tracy is a creative person with a mind for details and enjoys putting her passions towards Lubee's conservation and education endeavors. Since her start, Tracy has lead Lubee through multiple successful events. Don't let her title fool you. She wears many hats here at Lubee and makes everyone of them look fabulous. 😉  From managing all of Lubee's Programs, to creating graphics for social media, to caring for our microbats, to scheduling your tours or filling online orders, Tracy has her finger on the pulse of what makes Lubee run smoothly. She hopes that you'll come visit or attend one of Lubee's many events!

And that's a-bat it. 😁🦇💕



Animal Care Manager

Annalyse is from Middleburg, FL and has a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida, with a minor in Business Administration. While in school at UF she joined Lubee as a volunteer in June of 2017 and in September of 2017 she joined the team as a Call-In Keeper. Annalyse's experience also includes working with rhinos and other large hoof stock at White Oak Conservation in Yulee, FL as a Wildlife Conservation Intern in 2018. She joined the Lubee team full-time in March of 2020 as a keeper and the records coordinator. Since then she has risen to her current position of Animal Care Manager which she has held since October of 2021. 



Keeper II / Records Coordinator

Brittany grew up in Peachtree City, Georgia and somehow found herself in Gainesville, Florida. She graduated from Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo with an AS in Zoo Animal Technology. Though Brittany has always wanted to work with animals, she didn't always know exactly how. Finding the zoo field was extremely eye opening and a turning point for her. Not only did the zoo field show that there is more than one path on the road to working with animals, but also how important research and conservation is to people, animals, and the habitats that we all share. She is ecstatic to have found a place to not only share the first hand experience of caring for these incredibly important species but, also to know that she is lending a hand to helping them in the wild as well. When you visit you might just find Brittany with her nose buried in animal records making sure that all our 150+ bats are well cared for or happily lending a hand to her co-workers. 


Meghan Ingson

Keeper II / Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Meghan is from Westminster, Maryland, and has an AS in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo here in Gainesville. She is also pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management. Meghan interned at the Lubee Bat Conservancy in early 2021, and then joined our team once she graduated in August of the same year. Meghan is passionate about teaching others the importance of wild things and wild places, and hopes to create a platform that is fun and informative to our friends that are not able to visit in person. Be sure to to follow Lubee's social media platforms to discover the world of bats and Lubee through Meghan's eyes! 


Anna Archer

Keeper II / Intern & Volunteer Coordinator

Anna is from Jupiter, FL and is a graduate from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo where she received her AS in Zoo Animal Technology. She has always wanted to work with animals and found her calling in the zoo field. Anna started interning at Lubee after graduating from SFCTZ, and became a member of the team shortly then after. She has great empathy towards others, human and non-human, and is very grateful to be involved in bat conservation as part of a wonderful team. Come join Anna, and the Lubee team as a Intern or Volunteer. She's ready to lead you on a wild adventure of animal care and more!

C Keeper pic.JPEG

Clementine Mulvihill

Keeper II / Education Coordinator

Clementine (pronounced Cle Men Teen) is from Seattle, WA, and has a Bachelors of Science in Zoology from Oregon State University. After graduating into a pandemic, she got an Animal Care internship working with rescued big cats in Arkansas. After a year and a half working with big cats, she applied to the Animal Keeper and Education Coordinator position at Lubee Bat Conservancy. Clementine first learned about Lubee from TikTok and was inspired by their use of social media to expand the reach of our education program. Her love of science & animal education started in high school when she volunteered at her local aquarium. Clementine believes that high quality animal care is important for animals in human care, but that education is important for their wild counterparts. Bats are a new animal for Clementine, but she has quickly fallen in love with their unique and goofy personalities. She hopes to learn everything she can about these incredible animals and share that knowledge with as many of our guests as she can!


Maddie McLaughlin

Keeper III 

Maddie is from Tampa, FL and is a graduate from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo where she received her AA in Zoo Animal Technology. She continue to further her carreer and is working towards getting a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management. As a child, Maddie attended the Jacksonville Zoo Summer Camps where she discovered her love for animal care. From there, Maddie worked at Zoo Tampa throughout her high school career. Maddie joined our Animal Care team in January of 2023. She's excited to be part of such a hard working and wonderful team and has grown a deep love for all the animals here at Lubee.  Maddie looks forward to talking about our beautiful bats with our guests! 



Maintenance Leader

Fun information to fly in soon!



Maintenance Technician

Tim is our Bat House builder extraordinaire and Winner of the 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 runner-up for the Tim Myrick Award of Excellence!


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