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Every time you visit Lubee Bat Conservancy YOU are helping save species!


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COVID NOTICE: We are still requiring ALL participants of tours to wear masks while in the bat viewing areas.
As more citizens become vaccinated, our restrictions will be updated. Thank you for understanding.



Lubee houses over 160 bats representing 12 species, including the Malayan Flying Fox which can attain a wingspan of 6'.  The majority of our bats are frugivorous, and guests will have an opportunity to observe the bats up close, as they interact with each other, numerous fruits and vegetables, and their toys.



Lubee Bat Conservancy offers a truly unique outdoor educational experience for students to learn about and view some of the largest and most endangered species of bats in the world up close.        Our educational program is offered to grades Pre-K through 12th and College.


Students will be engaged with an interactive presentation aligned with FL State Standards. Presentations will vary with grade level. The tour will last between 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on your timeframe) and will consist of a PPT presentation, Education animal encounter, followed by a visit to view our Bats up close!! If your schedule allows, students will take part in bat inspired games and/or explore our Nature Play areas too. All Field Trips can be modified to fit your class’s needs.


Restrooms are handicapped accessible.





Until further notice, we are requiring ALL visitors to wear masks when in a bat viewing area. This is for the safety of our bats, staff, and our guests. We appreciate our guests complying with this policy. Please make sure all participants of tour have a mask accessible.



School Tours are available Monday through Friday and start at 11am. Optional tour start times available at 12pm or 1pm.  NOTE: The Tour calendar will AUTOMATICALLY schedule you at 1pm. Other times will be arranged with your tour coordinator.


ALL School Tours start with a $100 donation and increase from there.


Lubee is happy to visit our local Day Care and Pre-K classes! Contact to set up a date and time. Gainesville only.

Your donation is due the day of your scheduled tour. Lubee accepts Cash, Check, and all major credit cards. Payment can be paid in person or over the phone at 352-485-1250.


Plan early! Our calendar fills up quickly. September, October, & November are our busiest months.

In order to secure your desired date, we suggest you schedule up to 4 weeks in advance


We can accommodate school groups of up to 100 guests per day. Large school groups of 40 guests or more, will be divided into smaller groups, where students will be rotated through varies activities. 



Prior to the start of your tour, students are welcome to enjoy their lunches at our shaded picnic tables while being immersed in nature. During their lunch time, students can enjoy the large open space and discover all the nature play areas before their tour starts.



Lubee has a small Gift Shop with prices ranging from $2 and up. From stickers to plushes to shirts. 



Tours are all outdoor, however the bat viewing area is a covered along with our Education Center. Should the day of your scheduled tour be forecasted for rain, tours can still be facilitated. During all seasons in Florida it is recommended to have on hand bug spray and sunscreen. We have water refill stations for your reusable water bottles.

During the winter months, we may have to cancel/reschedule tours due to temperatures below 50°F at time of scheduled tour. A staff member will call you to reschedule. Keep this in mind when scheduling during the colder Florida months.



Lubee does not have a standard parking lot. We are located on an open field and parking will start along a fence line. Follow the indicated signs upon arrival. Please leave room for others to get in/out of their vehicles. Parking is handicapped accessible.


Check out our Zoom Classroom Tours!

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