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Lubee Bat Conservancy's
Education Center

We are extremely excited to announce the opening of our new Education Center.  Come visit Lubee and learn about the amazing world of bats, Lubee’s mission and purpose, and how you can make a difference.



Lubee would like to thank the Grace and Al Family Trust for their generous support of this Education Center.


BOB, our original Bat Observation Building, was built in 1990 and housed our first bats. Over the years, the majority of our animals were moved into the main Core building resulting in a gradual decline in use of BOB, although the structure was still in good condition. After many discussions, the decision was made to transform the building into an open-air education center full of signs, displays, and interactives.



We are extremely grateful to P R Construction for their generosity in deconstructing the inner office and all animal enclosures (a tremendous amount of work) in only 8 days. AMAZING! They have done this as a charitable act and we highly recommend them for any residential or commercial projects you may have. Please check out their website and services

What to Expect

  • Numerous displays and interactives where you can learn about bats, wildlife, habitats, Lubee local/global projects, and ways that you can make a difference.

  • The open-air pavilion provides a covered space to listen to educational presentations, have lunch, or simply relax in the beautiful surroundings.

  • Numerous planters that contain FL native species which provide food and nectar for local birds and pollinators.

  • A garden which produces enrichment for Lubee’s animals.

  • Opportunities to meet with our wonderful staff and discuss all things bats, wildlife, conservation, and Lubee.


Original Bat Observation Building - 1989
BOB before 1
BOB before 2


Deconstruction 1
Deconstruction 2
Deconstruction 3
Deconstruction 4
Deconstruction 5
Deconstruction 6
Deconstruction 7
Deconstruction 8
Deconstruction 9
Deconstruction 10
Deconstruction Landscaping


2022 Education Center 2
2022 Education Center 3
2022 Education Center 4
2022 Education Center 5
2022 Education Center 6
2022 Education Center 7
2022 Education Center 8
2022 Education Center 10
2022 Education Center 9
Bat Fest Edu Center decor
Education talk and Nature Playin action
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