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2024 marks Lubee’s 35th anniversary.  During that time, YOU have helped us care for hundreds of bats, educate millions, and conduct conservation projects in 25 countries. There is still more to do and we will never relent on our mission to save bats and their habitats.  Click here to view highlights of our accomplishments.

Caring For Our Beloved Bats

Young and old, sick and healthy, you have been there. Every bat on this page benefited from your generosity. Lubee has welcomed babies and brought in elderly bats with nowhere else to go who have lived out their days with love and compassion. Caring for unwanted animals in need of forever homes is a privilege, and allows us the opportunity to showcase their gentle nature to an audience who would otherwise never have the chance to see them. As costs rise, your support is imperative to allowing these animals to live their best lives.

Baby Darwin

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Changing Global Perceptions

Comments like this matter. With over 2.5 million people following us on social media, we are touching hearts and changing minds. From vilification to appreciation with just a click. Let’s keep this going. Help our programs grow to reach more people around the world.

Saving Endangered Species

Conservation success! Our partners in the Solomon Islands recently informed us that donor funding has been used to stop logging in one of the last areas on earth where Monkey-faced bats and other species on the brink of extinction are found. You did are saving species and protecting forests. We are all connected. The bats, trees, our earth. Protect Them, Protect Us. The fight here and elsewhere continues. We are proud to give voices to these shy and gentle animals who are so often overlooked.

Any donation is welcome and will help further these efforts. To read more, go to



In 35 years, we have accomplished many things, but there is more work to be done. During our 2023 ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN, we aim to raise $100,000. This is an ambitious goal which is why we are happy to announce that AN ANONYMOUS DONOR HAS PLEDGED TO MATCH YOUR DONATIONS. Gifts of any size make a difference and EVERY DOLLAR YOU CONTRIBUTE WILL BE DOUBLED!

YOU can make a direct impact by providing care for the bats, support of our staff, and funding for conservation projects.


You are and always have been the difference. 

Please consider a donation to support our bats and message.

By supporting our bats, you ensure that people across the globe are inspired to learn about and protect these amazing animals. With you by our side, we will continue to spread our message while providing the best care possible for our bats.

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