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Baby Annabeth Matters...Will You Support Her As She Grows Up?


Lubee’s Bats Combat Negative Stereotypes


Can you imagine anyone harming these bats? Yet everyday, people use water cannons, noise, fire, and even bullets to eradicate these animals because of baseless myths. Bats and people are intrinsically connected - we need them for insect control, seed dispersal and pollination. Raising awareness of these misunderstood animals protects them and benefits us. By showing OUR bats, YOUR bats, to the world, we are changing minds one bat and one person at a time! Changing minds isn’t easy, but the bats at Lubee do it every day. The bats that YOU support now reach a global audience of over 200k people, thanks to our increased presence on Facebook, Instagram, and new TikTok site. Our bats are showing an ever-increasing audience how gentle and special they really are. NOT scary, NOT disease ridden, and NOT causing any pandemics. Education leads to conservation, and it is our mission to protect these magnificent animals. Be part of the change.

Please Give Back To Bats This Giving Season

This past year has been difficult. Tours and major fundraising events earlier in the year were canceled, while animal care and operational costs increased 30%. Because of the continued financial shortfalls, we are once again reaching out for your generosity during our 2021 ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN.

During our 2021 ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN, we aim to raise $100,000 to fund Lubee’s Bats through the entire winter. This is an ambitious goal which is why we are happy to announce that an anonymous donor of previous campaigns has again pledged to match 100% of all donations you give. Gifts of any size make a difference and every dollar you contribute will be doubled!

YOU can directly impact Lubee’s bats by providing food, medicine, and support for one of the five pups born earlier this year, including Annabeth. Your generosity also contributes to operational costs and staff expenses, the very individuals who care for these bats.


We are very grateful for your generosity through the years, including being there for us during the pandemic. Our bats need YOU, please let them know you care.


Please consider a donation to support our bats and our message.

By supporting our bats, you ensure that people across the globe are inspired to learn about and protect these amazing animals. With you by our side, we will continue to spread our message while providing the best care possible for our bats.




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