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When having 400 bats just isn’t enough, we build HUGE BAT HOUSES!!  Thousands of bats can be your neighbors, chowing down on mosquitoes, agricultural pests, and all forms of nighttime insect annoyances.

Our 2x4 bat house can hold up to 5,000 bats!  While the 2x2 bat house holds a measly 3,000 bats.  See the images below.

These large bat houses are great for parks, golf courses, farms, residential, and commercial properties.  It’s a win/win - you provide the home, they’ll take care of the bugs.

2x2 Bat Houses
2x4 Bat Houses
SH 2x4.jpg
See a Lubee bat house in action!

Click the image to watch THOUSANDS of bats emerge from the Swamp Head Brewery 2x4 Bat House!


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