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Bat Houses…Acoustic Surveys…Call Analysis…Site Recommendations!!

Lubee now builds and installs bat houses throughout Florida & GA!


We have a 90% occupancy rate in our houses!

On average, bats begin to colonize Lubee houses within 5-6 months!

Learn what species are on your property and provide bats a safe, warm area to live and raise their young.



You can provide a home for hundreds of bats by putting up a Lubee made bat house on your residential or commercial property. Bat houses provide safe, secure roosting areas for numerous species including Mexican Free-tailed bats, Evening bats, SE myotis, and the Critically Endangered FL Bonneted bat (only found in south FL). An individual bat can eat hundreds of insects per night, including mosquitoes and agricultural pests. Unfortunately, many bat populations are disappearing at alarming rates due to habitat loss. Most bats prefer to roost in mature trees, dead trees (called snags), or in caves. However, many bats take up residence in buildings or other manmade structures due to destruction of their habitats. Bat houses provide much needed alternative roost sites. A house on your property can offer the perfect place for our flying friends to live. They will also return the favor by helping to control insects in your area.

Haile 4 chamber.JPG


We build 3 and 4-chambered houses (preferred by maternity colonies) that have proven very successful. Cedar wood is used as it weathers well, is pest resistant, and will last for years. Houses are fully sealed, properly ventilated, and offer a longer landing platform, an important factor in its occupancy. Our bat houses are 100% made by Lubee staff. Proceeds go towards our local & global conservation and education efforts.  WE ALSO BUILD LARGE 2x2 and 2x4 BAT HOUSES.  FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE.



* Most words/logos can be laser engraved on houses. You can have your family name on a house!

* Please note that demand for bat houses is high and only two staff members build and install the houses.  It may take 4-8 weeks for job completion.


Lubee staff are available to survey your property and recommend the ideal area to locate your bat house. The single best thing you can do to attract bats is to put it in the perfect location. In fact, this is the only way to ensure occupancy of your bat house. Two methods that are often asked about but never work are placing guano in/near houses, and putting bats inside of them. Regarding the latter, it is illegal to buy or sell bats, and relocating them will only cause stress, ensuring the house will be associated with an extremely negative experience. Let a Lubee staff member inspect your property for the perfect spot to install a bat house.

3 Chamber


100-200 bats

4 Chamber


300-400 bats


Lubee staff members have installed over 100 bat houses throughout FL and GA, and are happy to do the work for you! Houses are mounted to a 20′ post(s) which are then attached to PT posts cemented into the ground. The image to the right shows Lubee staff with the finished product! Check out this link which shows the staff raising a house 20′ in the air at Haile Village Center in Gainesville, FL and this link showing the emergence of the bats from that house.



Do you have bats on your property that will utilize houses? Lubee staff members are trained in acoustic monitoring and call analysis. There are 13 bat species that reside in FL, of which 5 will regularly live in bat houses (the rest roost in trees, caves, and other structures). Let our knowledgeable staff set up monitoring equipment to determine if these species are common in your area. We use Binary Acoustic Technology’s iFR-V Field Recorders (graciously provided by Normandeau Associates, Inc.) to listen and capture bat echolocation calls. We then download this information to a server which enables us to analyze individual bat calls and identify the species. Lubee staff have analyzed thousands of calls and are eager to continue this amazing glimpse into the secret lives of bats.


Lubee staff provides advice on humane exclusion projects for residential and commercial properties. We love bats but understand that they may not make ideal neighbors in your house or business. Our trained biologists can recommend professional companies that provide exceptional service and the utmost care to ensure all bats are removed safely and humanely. Please note that exclusions CANNOT occur April 15 - Aug 15 in Florida due to maternity season.  For further information on exclusion rules from the FWC please click here.


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