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Lubee Bat Conservancy is a USDA registered Research and Exhibit Facility. Research projects conducted at the center have yielded over 160 published articles/theses/book chapters. When Lubee was founded, little information existed on the life history of fruit bats in the wild or in captivity. For over three decades, Lubee has supported research that has significantly expanded our knowledge of reproductive biology, physiology, immunology, behavior, nutrition, phylogeny and ecology of fruit bats.


Lubee Bat Conservancy works with many collaborators to study fruit bat immune systems. A better understanding of fruit bat immunology gives insight into zoonotic pathogens and human health. Current projects.

Lubee maximizes the opportunities provided by its living animal collection to facilitate research that leads to a greater understanding of the unique biology and ecology of fruit bats to improve conservation management of wild and captive populations. The living bat collection at Lubee provides a unique opportunity to study Pteropodid bats in a controlled setting. If you are interested in conducting a study, please contact

For a complete list of our Publications click here.

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