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Every time you visit Lubee Bat Conservancy YOU are helping save species!



Our batty residents are waiting for you to visit!

Sign up for our VIP Private Tour now an experience of a lifetime!

During the 75-minute VIP Private Tour, you and your guests will get an exclusive up close interaction with our bats, while learning about the history, biology, and current issues that bats face today, all in a fun educational environment. Your guided tour experience includes, meeting several of our Education Ambassadors, enrichment building and kabob feeding our bats.

Bring your camera because, you’ll NOT want to miss this one of a kind experience!

 Plan to be here for up to 2 hours as you explore Lubee property.

{Your tour guide at any time, has sole discretion over the tour, and can change the above tour details at any time during your tour without prior warning due to weather, animal emergencies, age of tour group, etc.}

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What is the cost for the VIP Private Tour? Our VIP Private Tour donation is $250/tour, for up to 5 guests.  Each additional guest will be $50. There is a 10 guests maximum

I'm a group of 1. What cost will I pay for this great experience? The VIP Private Tour donation is $250.

Can my group be added to another's already scheduled VIP Private Tour? NO. The VIP Private Tours are for groups that have scheduled with their friends and loved ones.

What time do the VIP Private Tours start? All our VIP Private Tours start at 1pm. Some exception may apply. Contact your tour representative ONCE your VIP Private Tour is scheduled.

I just found out about you! Can I just show up and walk around your facility without a tour? NO. We are NOT set up to accommodate walk-ins. DO NOT SHOW UP IN HOPES FOR A TOUR! You will be turned away. We are a small facility and can only provide scheduled tours at this time. Thank you for understanding.

How far in advance should I schedule a VIP Private Tour? OUR TOUR CALENDAR FILLS UP QUICKLY. PLAN AHEAD! We are currently scheduling 91 days in advance. This may change without notice.

How many guests are included in my tour? What is the maximum number of guests allowed in my VIP Private Tour? The VIP Private Tour donation includes up to 5 guests. There is a maximum of 10 guests in a VIP Private Tour.

What should I bring or wear to the VIP Private Tour? Bring your cameras and excitement for sure!! Note that Lubee is located on an open field that is hard-packed grass. We suggest wearing comfortable clothing and shoes based on the weather. Closed toed shoes are suggested but not needed. Bug spray is recommended as FL mosquitoes never go away.

Will small children enjoy the VIP Private Tour experience? In your opinion, what ages best enjoys this tour? We recommend the VIP Private Tour for ages 4 and older. We love educating all ages but some ages are not always interested in what we have to say or show. 😉 Only you will be the best judge of whether your child will enjoy this experience. Strollers are strongly advised for small children. Please remeber that even small children will need to be masked to be in the enclosures with the bats.

I have a member in my group that is using a wheelchair, rollator, scooter, or the like. Is Lubee handicapped accessible? YES. Mobility devices can navigate with little to no difficulty. We are on hard packed grassy field, so the going can be a bit bumpy. The distance from the Front Office to the Bat Viewing area is a short length (about 300'). If our guests would prefer to skip the grassy ride, they can opt to drive directly to the bat viewing area after check in.

The day has been forcasted for rain should I cancel? Thats up to you. Should the day be forecasted for rain, the tour may still be facilitated. We suggest proper footwear and outerwear. During the rainy season it is also a good idea, to spray yourself with bug spray before you leave your vehicle.

What is the VIP Private Tour cancellation policy? 1. Cancellations made with 2 weeks or more notice prior to scheduled tour date will receive a FULL refund. Rescheduling to a new tour date is available and the tour donation will be transferred. 2. Cancellations made with only a (1) week notice, will receive a 50% refund. Rescheduling to a new tour date is available and the tour donation will be transferred. 3. NO REFUND is available for, cancellations made under a weeks notice, “No Shows”, or “Failure to Notify of Cancellation”. Rescheduling to a new tour date is available and the tour donation will be transferred to new date. Participant will have 30 days from original tour date to reschedule a new tour during the same year of the original tour date. Email your tour contact to reschedule ASAP as our tour calendar fills up QUICKLY. 4. Lubee Bat Conservancy cannot control weather conditions or animal medical emergencies. We reserve the right to cancel your tour with little notice if an animal emergency occurs or severe weather conditions are imminent. This includes but limited to, low temperatures (bats will not leave their night houses), hurricanes, tornadoes &/or the like. Tours can still be facilitated in rainy conditions. Participants will be called to indicate cancellation. A full refund will be offered in this event. Rescheduling is available and the tour donation will be transferred to new date.

During the VIP Private Tour will I be able to touch or hold one of the bats? NO. For the safety of our bats, there is no touching or handling of bats duing tours.

I'd like to bring my dog with me. Do you allow pets to attend the VIP Private Tours? NO. Pets and Emotional Support Animals are NOT allowed on Lubee property during VIP Private Tours or events. Leave you pets and emotional support animals at home.

Can I bring my service dog to attend me during the VIP Private Tour? Sorry NO. Service dogs are prohibited from entering into the bat viewing area. Bats are a prey species and have taken erratic flight when dogs are near, causing death to our bats. We regret that we are unable to accommodate service dogs during the VIP Private Tours. During Lubee events, licensed service dogs are allowed on property. Emotional Support Animals are not allowed on Lubee property.

Tour Calendar

2024 VIP Private Tours are SOLD OUT!

Our VIP Private Tour Calendar fills up REALLY quick! 

We suggest that you plan ahead!

That's not a joke. We're serious. Plan in advance.

Looking for a particular date and it's already booked? Check our Event Calendar!

You might be missing out on one of our smaller events!!!


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