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How do we know the fairies are at Lubee?

What are Fairies?

Whether you believe in fairies or not, they believe in you! Proper fairies are beings from the Otherworld (another dimension that overlaps with ours, depending on the time and place. Fairies are nature spirits, who tend to growing and living things. They are the elemental entities of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. These fascinating creatures are said to be ancient deities and spirits. They bear wisdom, are mighty, helpful, playful, & mischievous. They demand and deserve respect.

Finding Fairy Doors while At Lubee.

Fairies are very shy and playful by nature. You might not see them darting about Lubee property but, if you look closely you may spot tiny traces that they’ve left behind. Look in natural areas, along with the random areas. Fairy Doors seem to have no rhyme or reason to where they appear. As you have an opportunity before, during & after a tour AND espeically while at an event, walk around Lubee looking for their beautiful doors!
fairy door.png

 Fairy Doors

fairy bat sil.png
fairy bat sil.ALLwht.png
fairy door.png


At first we weren’t too sure about our new neighbors as the wee folk have been known to be quite mischievous. Forks, flash drives, and keys have gone missing after all, but we are thrilled that the Fairies have deemed our property as a perfect natural habitat. First sign that Lubee was in favor of the fairies, were fairy rings popping up on property! Then the first door appeared and then another and another! We figured a little extra security never hurts – no pun intended.

Nestled among the enchanting gardens across Lubee property, something magical has bloomed! From our bats, to the bees, to the hummingbirds, our love for the natural world is flourishing. And it HAS BEEN NOTICED.

By the Fairies!

Yes, you read that right. You found a fairy door and your clicked on it. You know what happens when you open doors Alice. 🐇😉

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