Custom Bat Paintings

Custom Bat Paintings


Custom Bat Paintings (Ursala & Olive the Prehensile-tailed skinks and Spagetti the Corn snake paint too!) are created to your specifications. This includes the color pallet. If you have a particular bat (skinks & Spagetti) in mind, we'll place the painting apparatus in their pen and encourage them to paint, though we can’t make them.


The color choices are of primary colors only. Let us know if there is a special message to add on the canvas, like Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary! NOTE: What you type is what will be on the canvas.


All commisioned paintings come with a picture of the Bat(s) creating your painting. 

*Painting can take up to 3 weeks to create but are normally shipped out within 2 weeks of the order.*


All proceeds benefit Lubee Bat Conservancy.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to saving bats and their habitats through research, conservation, and education, with a focus on children and community engagement.

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