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BAT TALES ... a blog

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Welcome to Bat Tales!

Hello and welcome to Lubee's Bat Tales!

This will be a place for education about bats, Lubee, and conservation. Our goal is to have well researched information that is well rounded, inclusive, fun, and, of course, educational!

For our first post, we wanted to introduce ourselves a little.

Lubee Bat Conservancy is a nonprofit conservation organization with over 30+ years of bat conservation, education, and research. We have funded over 200 projects around the world for bat conservation. We are a small private facility, with ten full time staff members and house over 150 animals, most of which are exotic fruit bats.

As a conservancy, our main goal is conservation. Conservation is defined as the preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment and of wildlife. The goal of conservation is the care and protection of natural resources for future generations. Lubee achieves this goal through our field projects in over 25 different countries that include empowerment of women's groups, job creation, forest protection, and construction of schools in areas of critical need.

This means that we do not rescue, rehabilitate, or release wildlife animals. In 1989, the original collection of bats were brought in to begin our conservation efforts. At one point, our bats were taken out of the wild, but now our bats are bred and born in house. This allows us to make the best decisions for our animals to maintain a healthy, diverse genetic profile. Since Lubee works with species on the Species Survival Plan, our breeding program aims to prevent extinction in the wild.

Lubee is unique as we are the ONLY bat conservation organization in the world that houses endangered bats while maintaining an active conservation and education programs. Our bats are ambassadors for their species and their conservation stories, both good and bad. You can find Lubee bats living across the United States, including at Disney Animal Kingdom, Oakland Zoo, Omaha Zoo, Columbus Zoo, and the National Aviary.

Education is very important to our mission here at Lubee and now this blog is part of it. We hope to cover all ranges of topics to debunk myths and destigmatize an animal thought to be scary around the world. Join us on our journey here, and on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for educational and fun bat content!

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