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Do Something Amazing for Bats

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On Aug 19-20 (6pm-6pm), Lubee will be a part of the Amazing Give which raises money for local nonprofits through a single online donation platform. Because of COVID-19, we are still struggling due to cancelled tours, outreaches, events, and other fundraising opportunities.


Please consider a donation to buy food and cover medical expenses. The bats and staff thank you for your support.


Donations are now being accepted, but the large campaign kicks off Aug 19. Lubee staff will be hosting live presentations at 11:00 EST on Facebook and 2:00 EST on Explore.


To support our Bats, please visit Lubee’s webpage here. Thank You!


$25 – Buy a case of their favorite foods: corn, red peppers, watermelon, and papaya!

$50 – Purchase two weeks’ worth of mealworms for our native bats. They LOVE them!


$100 – Cover Kuri’s weekly acupuncture and laser therapy. She'll thank you for it!


$250 – Purchase one month of nutritionally important vitamin & mineral supplement.


$500 – Broken hearts don’t beat well. Cover an Echocardiogram for an elderly bat.

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