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Valentine's Day Tours

February 2024

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Join Lubee Bat Conservancy for a VVIP Valentine's Day Tour!


Enjoy an intimate encounter for 2 with the world's largest bats! Get up close with our winged beauties and create lifelong memories with a special loved one in your life.


Your 2-person ticket includes the following:

  • An up-close visit with the world famous Lubee bats, while kabob feeding some of their favorite foods! {Masks are required to step into the bats enclosures. No exceptions.}

  • Design fun toys during an enrichment building session in which the bats will enjoy the “fruit” of your labor!

  • Have an original piece of art created during your tour! The Lubee bats will paint on a 8x10" canvas with the colors you've chosen.

  • Meet some of the Lubee Education Animals up close! (weather permitting)

While creating these lasting memories for years to come, you’ll also take home the following:

  • A cuddly bat plush

  • Lubee Bat Conservancy stickers

  • Flowers

  • Chocolate’s

  • A bottle of red wine

  • Adoption package of your choice.

  • and a Lubee cloth shopping bag to hold it all!


Let love’s wings take flight with the adorable Lubee Bats!

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