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Join Lubee Bat Conservancy during one of our Valentine’s Day Tours! These tours will will take place on February 8th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, & 22nd, 2020 during prearranged scheduled tour times. This FUN and UNIQUE experience will bring smiles to both your faces as you interact with our lovable bats while creating lasting memories for years to come!!


Your tour package includes:

  • An up-close visit with the bats

  • Enrichment building in which the bats will enjoy the “fruit” of your labor

  • A painting session where the bats will create an original piece of art just for you

  • An animal encounter with an Education Animal (weather permitting)


While creating these new memories, you'll also take home:

  • A cuddly and lovable Bat Plush

  • Lubee Bat Conservancy Stickers

  • Flowers

  • Chocolates

  • A bottle of wine (21 & up only)

  • A symbolic ‘Bat Adoption' of your choice and

  • A Lubee cloth Shopping bag to hold it all!!

Valentine's Day Tour Package Donation: $300



Valentine's Day Tour donation is due prior to your scheduled tour date.


Contact info@lubee.org to schedule your tour today.

Available dates & times* are as follows:

  • Thursday, February 13th - 11:30AM - BOOKED

  • Thursday, February 13th - 1:30PM - BOOKED

  • Friday, February 14th - 11:30AM - BOOKED

  • Friday, February 14th - 1:30PM - BOOKED

  • Thursday, February 20th - 11:30AM - BOOKED

  • Thursday, February 20th - 1:30PM - BOOKED

  • Friday, February 21st - 11:30AM - BOOKED

  • Friday, February 21st - 1:30PM - BOOKED

  • Saturday, February 22nd - 11:30AM -  BOOKED 

  • Saturday, February 22nd - 1:30PM - BOOKED

*Tour times and dates are updated as they are filled. If you would like the Valentine's Day Tour Package on another date, contact info@lubee.org for more date options.

A form will be sent to you upon request.

Once your tour date is confirmed, please make a donation by clicking on the link below.

Valentine's Day Tour Donation