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Some of our most important births are about to occur....


We are extremely excited to announce that 5 Variable Flying Foxes are pregnant and expecting within the next 1-3 months. You can watch them LIVE on our Explore.org cameras where you may see them give birth!


While we are overjoyed with any births, these ARE ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT.  These bats represent some of the last of their species in North America. Although they are native to SE Asia, Lubee has housed them since 1990. At one point there were over 150 Variable Flying Foxes at Lubee and other AZA accredited zoos. Now, there are less than 50.  This is due to a number of factors, including reproductive complications, a geriatric population, and sadly, zoos no longer wanting to house them.


Lubee is one of only two institutions caring for Variable Flying Foxes and we hold 85% of the population.  These births represent hope that we can continue to showcase this beautiful bat for the foreseeable future.  How will people care about them if they cannot see them?  We are proud to share these bats with guests at Lubee, on social media platforms, and Explore cameras. Awareness leads to conservation, and it is our mission to protect these magnificent animals.

YOU can directly impact moms-to-be, Twister, Luna, Chibi, Gooey, America, and their pups, by buying them toys, covering an ultrasound, or even indulging their sweet tooth. 


During this Spring Baby Campaign, our goal is to raise $41,800.  This may seem like an odd number, but it costs $4,180/year to care for one Variable Flying Fox.  Please consider a gift so that we can continue to showcase these bats to the world.


Make a positive difference in the life of a mom and pup.

Please consider a donation to support our Moms and Pups!

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Pregnant Willow, Octavia, and Persephone

Very pregnant Bellatrix

April 17 is National Bat Appreciation Day.  What better way to show your appreciation than by supporting a mom and her pup through your generosity.  Bat mothers are extremely caring, grooming their babies constantly and nurturing them for months.




$25 - They love sweets! Buy baby food, juice, nectar, honey..they'll adore you!!


$50 - Our bats love to play! Buy new toys for moms and their curious pups.

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$100 - Nom Nom Nom! Purchase cases of their favorites like cantaloupe and papaya.


$250 - Buy pre/post natal vitamins, essential for pregnant and nursing moms.


$500 - What's in your belly?!? Cover an ultrasound for one of the proud mommas!

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$1000 - Purchase all of the above for a mom and her new bundle of joy.  Some are first-time mothers!!  


Other Amount

More Good News...

We have continued to spread our positive messages through social media, Lubee live chats, Zoom classrooms, outreaches, and finally, TOURS at Lubee.  Lubee’s global audience is now over 300,000!


Our project in Fiji has led to the discovery of 4 previously unknown cave roosts for the Endangered Pacific sheath-tailed bat.  This bat has only ever been found in 3 caves.  Discussions are ongoing to permanently protect these areas.


Funding was also provided to our project on Rodrigues Island to protect the Endangered Rodrigues Fruit Bat (once numbered only 70, now 20,000+) and cover costs for an island-wide environmental educator. Here in FL, we’ve built and installed our 110th bat house, providing homes for over 50,000 bats!

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Your kindness has supported our bats and allowed for these conservation and education programs.  You are our heroes. Thank You from the Bats & Staff!