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Board exam preparation tips for 12th

These are the common tips I want to give for any board exams conducted by different boards. Maybe there is the difference in the difficulty level of question papers framed by different boards, but the method of framing the question paper remains same for every board. So the method of preparation should be similar.

For example, compared to CBSE, all other state boards question papers are easy, but the method of preparation for all exams is similar.



Take previous three-year question papers of your board, go through all the three years question papers, you will come to know that at least 50 marks questions are similar in all the three-year question papers. and at least 80 marks questions are framed from the same topic but in a twisted way.

So you got the idea, how the question papers were in last years. And according to similar type question paper will be there in this year.

Now go through reading those topics, which are all you came to know that important. And once again see all the three-year question papers, you will answer at least 60 marks in every question paper that too in a similar way. Here where you come to know the energy of previous year question papers. Instead of searching previous years in net buy a book of previous year question papers it will help you.


Motivation is enhanced firstly by becoming more realistic and aware of the task ahead and secondly by "psyching" yourself up with constructive self-talk, on your ability to face the challenge and its anxieties. Much avoidance behaviour is a defence against the fear of failure, so deliberately switch your focus onto the process of studying, rather than the ultimate result (the desired pass or high grade). Resolve to do this studying for yourself, not for anyone else.

If there are certain topics that you dread and therefore have a tendency to avoid, break them down into smaller bits; incorporate morale boosters - an enjoyable reward after each small task is completed. Find out what works for you and what doesn't - avoid the latter. This may sound obvious but it is surprising how many students persevere with unhelpful and unconstructive methods of studying simply because they always have and it feels strange or worrying to abandon something familiar. Maybe you would find it easier to work with a friend or in a group, or at the library. You may try using a more flexible time-table perhaps studying less (then paradoxically achieving more). Minimise the competitive atmosphere by ignoring the amount of work others might be doing - focus on your own approach.

There are other tactics that studydaddy have like this I will share that in next post.

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