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Writing a Book: The Coursework Method

Making logical connections between the elements of the book

And now, when the "introduction" is made up, it is necessary to find points of intersection - coincidence: so, the goals of the hero must necessarily coincide or tightly overlap with the goal of the plot, the relevance of his abilities - with the relevance of the plot intrigue and events. And so on.

For example, PayForEssay the story: the hero's parents are predicted that their child will have superpowers and become the strongest wizard. The hero is born, educated, beats the villain who abused him during his studies, and becomes the strongest. The End.

Question: why was the hero born with these powers? To be? Relevant his abilities will be when, in opposition to the hero will be born a world evil, a war will begin - and the opponents will be stronger, a cataclysm of planetary (or at least "national") scale will happen. And so on. And this is where the prophecy comes in handy.

The second example, by the way, is collective - similar way the plots of many love stories in a fantasy style. The heroine - a gray mouse without kin and tribe - suddenly discovers a strong gift in himself and goes to study at the academy. At the beginning of the story, the heroine is eager to prove to everyone that she is worth something, to find out who her parents are, and to find a family, but then a) a great love with the teacher and b) the molestation of the first guy in the village, that is, the best student. At the end, buy essay she happily marries the man she chooses, and her parents show up at the wedding, saying, "Baby girl, you were stolen, and we (both strong wizards, like the heroine) have been looking for you, so we heard about the wedding, and congratulations! The end.

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