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This holiday season we are launching our MEDI-BAT GIVING CAMPAIGN with the goal of raising $45,000 to cover ever-rising medical costs. You can have a direct impact on the lives of our bats!


A significant portion of Lubee’s animals are becoming geriatric (including some original bats from 1990) and medical costs are becoming increasingly high. In 2016 our vet bills were $29,000; last year was $44,000. By the end of December our costs will be over $50,000!

This year, we are asking our loyal supporters to help cover our medical costs for 2019. Your generous contribution will help pay for medication, bimonthly vet visits, radiographs, emergency surgeries, ECGs, and many other procedures.


Bonsai after surgery to remove skin cancer

Rad pics2.jpg

Radiographs on Nu looking for any signs of arthritis

Kuri’s story

In June, our beloved Kuri was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. She was rushed into emergency surgery the next day and had half of her liver removed. Cost was never a factor but the bill of $3500 was a lot for us. We posted about this on social media and within two days DONORS LIKE YOU covered all expenses.  We are so grateful for your generosity and are happy to report Kuri has made a full recovery! This campaign will help future emergency procedures like Kuri’s and ensure our bats live full and enriching lives.

Rad pics1.jpg

Checking Milly for an enlarged heart

kuri sx 1.jpg

Kuri after liver surgery showing her abdominal scar, poor girl :(


Mogwai wearing the "cone of shame" after hernia surgery

Please consider a one-time or monthly recurring donation to our MEDI-BAT GIVING CAMPAIGN. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on ALL the bats at Lubee. THANK YOU!

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meds icon.png
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What Will Your Donation Pay For?

$25 - Allergy Medications

  • Many of female bats suffer from allergies year round and require treatment.

$50 - Pain Medications

  • We currently have 25 bats    receiving Tramadol everyday to manage arthritis related pain.

$100 - Blood Work

  • Blood testing can detect illness before we can see any outward signs of disease.

rads icon.png

$250 - Radiographs

  • This not only shows us fractures, but  arthritis, spondylosis, and heart issues.

$500 - ECG

  • Many of our older bats need an ECG to diagnose heart     function.

ECG icon.png
ER icon.png

$1000 - Emergency Surgery

  • For the unexpected emergency, this will ensure our bats get life saving surgery.

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