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How can anyone not love this face?


Unfortunately not everyone loves these amazing animals. Every year, millions of bats are killed as pests, pushed from their homes, or persecuted due to antiquated beliefs. For centuries, bats have been maligned due to myths and superstitions. In Africa and Asia, fruit bats, like the one you see in this photo, are often captured and kept in small cages where customers pick the one they want for dinner. These cages are cramped and cruel, often full of moms nursing their pups.

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My Name Is Nina

Yet, bats are some of the gentlest animals on the planet, taking flight every night to hunt insects, disperse seeds and pollinate flowers. They have fur and personalities much like cats and dogs; but unlike man’s best friend which has many organizations dedicated to preventing cruelty, only our organization provides a voice for bats.

Lubee Bat Conservancy is the only organization in the world that houses endangered bat species while maintaining active conservation and education programs.

The key to protecting bats is awareness, and our bats are the catalyst. Every year, thousands of people visit our bats, learn about them through our social media channels, or view them live on The bats at Lubee act as ambassadors to their wild counterparts, educating people around the world on the many benefits they provide. Our facility is home to 200 bats from 13 species, all of whom are an integral part of our efforts to raise awareness and protect these beautiful yet persecuted animals.

The situation is dire, but there is hope…YOU can be the key to making a difference in the life of a bat. We, at Lubee, are reaching out to you for a special contribution to support our efforts in educating and raising public awareness of the plight of this poorly understood mammal.  During this year’s ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN, OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $50,000 to feed and care for our animals. Your generous contribution can provide medical care for a sick bat, buy exciting new toys, feed the animals for a week, or even support one of the many pups born earlier this year.

By supporting our bats, you ensure that people across the globe are inspired to learn about               and protect these amazing animals who give us and our environment so much..

Won’t You Please Love the Unloved…

…and make a difference in the life of a bat.

Please consider a one-time or monthly recurring donation to our LOVE THE UNLOVED GIVING CAMPAIGN. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on ALL the bats at Lubee. THANK YOU!

What Will Your Donation Pay For?



$30 - Baby Food & Nectar

  • Our fruit bats have a mighty strong sweet tooth and these are favorites!

$60 - Pain Medications

  • We currently have 25 bats    receiving Tramadol everyday to manage arthritis related pain.

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$120 - New Toys & Enrichment

  • Bats are extremely playful and curious.  A variety of enrichment provides opportunity to explore and stay mentally stimulated.

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$500 - Medical Procedures

  • Many bats need procedures such as ultrasound (moms to be) and ECGs for older bats

$250 - Support A Mom And Her Baby

  • Your support covers exams, food costs and toys for one of the 11 pups born this year.  


$1000 - Food For A Week

  • Our food costs average $52000/year. Your generous contribution can feed the entire collection for a week.

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