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We Really Need Your Help


As the pandemic rages on, Lubee continues to be severely affected.  COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of every previously planned fundraising event, including our biggest day of the year, the Annual Bat Festival, which accounts for nearly 20% of our annual fundraising.  The loss of this money is devastating, as it is desperately needed for the care and feeding of our animals.  Without Bat Fest, our situation has become dire.

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Normally we come to you, our wonderful supporters, during the holiday season to ask for your continued support.  But this season, we must ask you for more to make up this significant deficit, even in spite of all possible cost cutting measures.  We need to raise $70,000 to feed and care for the animals.  Our anonymous donor of previous campaigns has again pledged to match 100% of all donations you give.  Gifts of any size make a difference and every dollar you contribute will be doubled! 


We are very grateful for your generosity through the years, including being there for us during the first few months of the pandemic, and again as the pandemic worsens.  The bats need you now more than ever.

Please consider a donation to support our bats and our message.

By supporting our bats, you ensure that people across the globe are inspired to learn about and protect these amazing animals. With you by our side, we will continue to spread our message while providing the best care possible for our bats.

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Thank You!

On a positive note...

Our information campaigns continue reaching people around the world, spreading positive messages about bats and the daily benefits they provide.  We have diligently followed through on our pledge to increase our global reach and dramatically increased virtual offerings.  Please check out our live chats on Facebook and Instagram, watch our bats on Explore.org, or listen to podcasts on All Creatures and Cocktails and Conservation.

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It is inconceivable that we are still receiving reports of bats being killed and harassed because of persistent false claims of spreading Covid-19, but our online education talks have made a difference in decreasing these incidents.  We are encouraged by the many messages from people all over the world who have changed their views and fallen in love with our gentle giants.  ALL of this has been possible because of YOU!   Thank you for knowing you are part of the web of life and for being a force of good in this beautiful world.