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We Really Need Your Help


Lubee relies on donations to keep the animals fed and the facility running! The current economic situation has caused many of our funding sources to disappear and we anticipate even bigger losses. We need help. We need YOUR help.

We are reaching out to you for a special contribution to support our bats during this very difficult time for all of us. During our EMERGENCY RELIEF CAMPAIGN our goal is to raise at least $40,000 to feed and care for our animals. Your generosity can help sustain our bats during this crisis. Gifts of any size make a difference and every dollar counts; no gift is too small. A donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, pledges to match 100% all donations you give us.


Now more than ever, your support will also enable us to spread our message and stop the abuse and killing of bats!

Bats are currently under assault due to false information and hysteria caused by the current pandemic. This image highlights the cruelty happening to our beloved bats.

Activities such as wildlife trafficking, poaching, and habitat destruction cause nearly every zoonotic spillover event.

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The continued killing of bats for medicine and food, coupled with the destruction of their habitats is causing them to come into close contact with humans, especially in wildlife markets where bats are kept in cramped cages, stacked with other animals, and slaughtered on the spot. These markets are cruel, barbaric, and unsanitary.


Lubee is currently launching an informational campaign regarding bats and zoonotic diseases through social media, newsletters, and our cameras. You can also find information on our website In addition, we have created a survey to better understand how the public at large perceives bats in general, as well as in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Would you please take a few minutes to respond to our survey at Please share this with others.


For over 30 years our organization has made it our mission to save bats and their habitats - with untold benefits both ecologically and economically to man. Unfortunately, the current situation is dire. We are facing unprecedented challenges just as bats face relentless vilification worldwide.

These gentle creatures need us now more than ever. Please help.

Please consider a donation to support Lubee, our bats, and our message.

By supporting our bats, you ensure that people across the globe are inspired to learn about and protect these amazing animals. With you by our side, we hope to spread our message while providing the best care possible for our bats.









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