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Bat Pup Adoption

Create a lasting memory by naming and adopting a Bat Pup at Lubee Bat Conservancy! This symbolic adoption lets you play an important and direct role in supporting the well-being of the next generation of AmBatsador's!

With this symbolic adoption, you'll join our efforts to conserve Bat species worldwide. Your adoption will help Lubee continue our conservation and education programs that help fight the threats that Bats face locally and globally, while empowering local communities.


Whether you name this Bat pup for yourself or in memory of a loved one, this unique opportunity is a fun gift for all. You'll not only be showing how much you care for Bats and conservation but, your contribution will truly make a difference in the lives of Bats.


Though this symbolic adoption will last a lifetime, please consider donating in your newly named Pups name yearly. No ownership rights are conferred by naming & adopting a Bat. All adopted Bats will remain in the care and custody of Lubee Bat Conservancy, after all we are the Bat experts but, we hope you will visit during a scheduled tour!


Shipping Information: Each adoption is lovingly and personally packed by a Lubee staff member. Please allow up to 10 business days for shipping.

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