BATography Day 2021.jpg

WELCOME TO BATography Day!!!


BATography AKA Photo Day invites photographers of ALL skill levels a chance to visit Lubee Bat Conservancy and take those "Batastic" photos you've been wanting, all on a special day just for you!

This unique opportunity allows our guests to step into the enclosure with our bats and get up close unobstructed pictures. One of our bat experts will be available in select enclosures to answer all your questions about these magnificent animals.

This event is rain or shine; overcast or clear.


Spaces are LIMITED.

A $60 registration fee applies to all participants.

Deadline for registration is Saturday, October 16th.

$10 Late Fee applied after Oct. 16th.

BATography Day at Lubee Bat Conservancy AKA Photo Day
Oct 30, 10:00 AM
Lubee Bat Conservancy