Lubee Conservation and Research Fund

Lubee Conservation and Research Fund

Funding Goal = $5,000

For twenty-five years Lubee has funded conservation and research projects around the globe.  Every year Lubee Bat Conservancy funds projects that address one or more of seven priority conservation challenges:  endangered species, bats and the bushmeat crisis, population monitoring and saving key sites, managing bat-human conflict in agriculture, ecology of bats, emerging infectious diseases, and community education.  All grant applications are intensely reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board, Director, and Lubee staff, to ensure that the project is going to have the greatest impact for bats, their habitats, and the local communities.  A successful application must incorporate an element of community engagement which is important because it gives local people a sense of stewardship which leads to a greater understanding of the enormous environmental impacts provided by bats.  Your donation will ensure that we can fund additional Conservation and Research projects every year.


  • 2011:  Development of a statewide monitoring protocol for Florida Bats
  • 2012:  Fruit bats as bushmeat in the Solomon Islands
  • 2013:  Importance of pollinating bats in the fruit production performance of bananas in Southern Benin


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