The University of Florida

Effective conservation requires a solid scientific foundation. The Lubee Center for Bat Research was established to strengthen this foundation. Through collaboration between Lubee Bat Conservancy and University of Florida, the center promotes research and education in the biology and conservation of fruit bats, and the ecosystems they live in and support. Because of the urgent need to understand, conserve, and restore rapidly disappearing bat populations and habitats in tropical regions, the center strives to facilitate research and training of the next generation of conservation scientists.

The University of Florida is ideally situated for this role because of its strong group of faculty in its Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department, Biology Department, and School of Veterinary Medicine, which provides the opportunity for multidisciplinary research collaborations. This partnership has been strengthened over the years with appointment and research funding support provided by Lubee through the University of Florida Foundation.

Lubee also provides a training center for UF’s Zoological Medicine Program residents and students, hosting between 3-6 students every other week.

The goals and activities of Lubee reflect the University’s mission in the areas of teaching, research, and extension through its active participation in graduate and undergraduate education, its promotion of research productivity, and its outreach efforts to the Florida and international communities. Moreover, the center directly contributes to the University’s and Chancellor’s commitment to “internationalize” the campus and curriculum by promoting student/intern opportunities with an international perspective and by increasing the University’s stature and visibility in the international conservation community.

Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo

Lubee has a strong commitment to providing professional husbandry training courses for zoo personnel from across North America, and also in providing student opportunities in the local Gainesville area. Each year the Center hosts student interns who earn academic credit as part of the Santa Fe College Zoo Technology program.

Research Partners Working at Lubee

The infrastructure of Lubee facilitates multidisciplinary interactions with other departments at the University of Florida, as well as institutions across Florida and North America, including partners as diverse as Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, Smithsonian Institution, American Museum of Natural History, Boston University, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EcoHealth Alliance, and the U.S. Air Force. Collaborations between Lubee Bat Conservancy and both local and international conservation organizations such as Wildlife Conservation Society and Conservation International are central to our global programs, as is our worldwide network of scientific partners in universities, NGOs, and government agencies.

Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation

We recently received funding from the Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation to fund a key project: ?Conservation of the New Georgia monkey-faced bat: long-range movements and habitat requirements?.  This will allow the purchase of GPS tracking devices to be used by field researcher Tyrone Lavery.  He will use the devices to track the movements of the New Georgian monkey-faced bat like never before, giving new incite in to the habitat requirements of this endangered species.


The Repurpose Project

The wonderful people from The Repurpose Project in Gainesville Florida, recently began the rather substantial process of the deconstruction of old cattle pens on our property.  Not only are they removing them but they are creating a new life for them by selling them as repurposed lumber for local artists and builders who are interested in using this kind older weathered lumber.  It was very important to us that before taking these older pens down, we first have a way to recycle or reuse all of the lumber in order to keep it out of local landfills.  Luckily we found this great organization and couldn’t be more excited to have their help with this project.  The Repurpose Project is a non-profit community based effort to divert useful resources from the landfill, redirect these items to the public for art and education, inspire creativity, and help us all rethink what we throw away. The Repurpose Project is a 501(c) 3 tax-deductible non-profit organization located in Gainesville, Florida.   We strongly encourage you to visit their website and their store!