Lubee places both conservation science and education as its two core institutional purposes. Lubee is a certified member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). AZA is America’s leading accreditation organization for zoos and aquariums, and accredits only those institutions that have achieved rigorous standards for animal care, education, wildlife conservation and science.

We provide a unique educational setting, permitting students and visitors close viewing of animals in a working conservation center environment. Our education programming is available to students and groups of all age ranges. Students gain an appreciation of bats, their habitats and ecosystem dynamics.


Tour can be given any day of the week and typically last 1-2 hours.  Guests are engaged with an age appropriate PowerPoint presentation, followed by a visit to our primary bat viewing facility.  We house over 200 bats representing 12 species, including the Malayan Flying Fox which can attain a wingspan of 6′.  All of our bats are frugivorous, and guests have an opportunity to observe them interacting with numerous fruits and enrichment devices.  We do request a donation of $5/student and $10/adult/teacher.


Our outreach program consists of an age appropriate PowerPoint presentation focused on bat fun facts, followed by a showing of live bats.  For the safety of our bats and audience, we do not bring the bats out of their enclosures.  However, the bats are easily visible for everyone in attendance.  In order to bring bats and give a presentation we need to be in a building with a screen, outlets, and table to set our enclosures.  We request a donation of $5/student and $10/adult/teacher, and can’t do programs for less than $150 due to travel, gas, and staff time.


We do not charge for entry, however we are a small non-profit facility with a limited budget. We therefore request that you make a donation. Donations help us keep our education programs sustainable, and without donations we cannot run programs.

Public & Private Schools/Homeschool Groups/Scouts: $5 per child, $10/adult/teacher/chaperone

Individuals, families and small private groups of up to 6 people: Your group/family (irrespective of ages) must meet a donation minimum of $100 [e.g 2 people = $50 each, 3 people =  $35 each, 4 people = $25 each, 5 people = $20 each, 6 people = $17 each]

Private groups of 7 people and above: $15/person

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